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Haile Selassie and Planica

His visit to Planica

It is well known that the president of Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz - Tito, was in good relations with leaders of many African and other so-called non-aligned countries, known as The 3rd world (that is, anything outside USA or USSR).
His Royal Majesti Haile Selassie was no exception, so on Tito's invitation, he visited Yugoslavia at least one time, first in 1959, I believe. He and his wife resided in Bled and later visited a small town Jesenice, where Selassie had a speech, as I was told. They continued their trip up to well known alpine valley, called Planica, which is famous for ski jumping. Rumours spreaded that on this occasion, it was the first time that his wife saw and touched the snow.
When he walked beside a crowd who gathered there to greet him, he gave a golden coin to a little girl, who was among the crowd. Later, I had a chance to see that coin.

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